Organic Times Interior

The plan for the interior of Organic Times was to invoke that old “General Store” feel. Tin ceilings with huge cornice mouldings down to solid wood plank flooring that squeaks and creaks. The top of the walls are chalkboards where signage and info can be tailored to the products below. There are numerous examples of wood cabinetry some created specifically for this store others alterations of old fixtures used in the previous location of this popular health food store. The lighting was chosen for it’s old world feel also, it blends right into the ceiling seamlessly. The windows are treated with calligraphic  signage, the entrance doors and surrounding glass designed to fit right into the era and inviting wrought iron and wood handrails lead you up a slight ramp to the front center of this old world experience. Even if one isn’t interested in health food (which seems kind of silly) this shop is worth a visit just to have a look around.