Organic Times

Named Organic Times, as a nod to the past use of this building which housed the Minden Times newspaper, this independent health food store has been a great success story. Over the winter of 2008 and 2009 renovations of the interior and exterior were undertaken. No detail was left untouched, from the tin ceiling down to the wood plank flooring this authentic “General Store” recreation is an outstanding example of what happens when a thoughtful and meticulous client takes advantage of the years of creative carpentry experience that Gary has to offer. The entire exterior finish is Buttermilk Pigmented Paint protected with Hemp Oil. All “organic” and very authentic in appearance. It just feels like it’s been around for a hundred years.

Soon after the renovations were complete the Organic Times was nominated for a small business award given annually in the Haliburton area. The eye catching upgrades combined with the well established reputation of this business, which was once known as The Storeroom were enough to attract this award. We can’t take responsibility for the overall success of this business, that would be bold however we’re very confident that our contribution was integral to the successes realized since the renovations. This is an outstanding example of how well planned upgrades can enhance the appeal and success of any business.