Trim and Doors

IMGP0903 IMGP0906 IMGP0908 IMGP0913I regret not getting all the pictures possible of this project. Behind these doors is an entire laundry set up. Washer, Dryer and Sink with some counter space. What makes it cool is that on the back side the whole thing is an overhanging room into the garage. The client was very fussy and did not want the look of a laundry room in his house. It needed to be near the kitchen and he wouldn’t add on to the building so we decided to bump out the entrance hall wall into the garage. It happened that the floor height in the hall was just high enough that the garage parking remained unchanged because the hood of all this clients vehicles fit under the new intrusion into the garage space. Another nice detail is that all the mechanics of this set up can be accessed from the garage side while the interior looks like 3 closets in a hallway. Open up the doors and you’ve got a complete laundry facility just steps from the kitchen. Regretfully I took only these photos at the time because I needed something to show the details of this kind of trim work. Notice the Plinth Blocks at the bottom of each side casing on the doors. These moldings were such a pleasure, quality materials and well dried. The casing is a combination of back band and casing to give depth The baseboard is 7.25 in height and is complimented by a traditional shoe mold. This molding theme and door style was used throughout the entire house in a subsequent project retro fitting this stately Peterborough home with doors and moldings more in keeping with it’s scale. The builder for whatever reason had originally finished the place in diminutive MDF moldings much more suited to apartment complexes andĀ  similar.