Book Shelves and Entertainment Unit

IMGP1459 IMGP1467 IMGP1487 IMGP1488 IMGP1494 IMGP1499 IMGP1500 IMGP1503Yet another book shelf built to the customers design. In this case it’s a combination of books and media and TV and room for computer all in one but kept rustic to fit into the household surroundings. The shot of my hand holding the scalloped board over the diagonal set up on a table saw is how I created the crown molding pictured at the top of the unit. Normally for a unit like this I’d simply buy that molding but I had always wanted to try this method, it’s a bit of work sanding out the saw lines but it can be done. Soon after completion a flat screen TV was mounted in the wall space between the upper units and some internal shelf lighting was also added for effect. One of the biggest but not obvious details in getting this job done was the removal of a woodstove and it’s hearth which left a huge hole in the hardwood floor. I filled in a 3 foot by 5 foot void in the existing hardwood to make this possible, tricky yes, tedious a bit but totally possible with all but the weirdest of colours.