A few years ago I worked with people from the MNR and Muskys Canada in a stocking effort on Lake Simcoe. This effort has been going on for many years in hopes of re-introducing Musky to Lake Simcoe after their numbers were decimated by commercial and sport fishing pressure. Muskys Canada is a fishing club and conservation organization of which I am a member, we are involved in many various volunteer efforts designed to enhance or protect the Musky fishery in Ontario. Below are some shots of a few of the 2500 fingerlings we deposited into Lake Simcoe in the spring of 2013. This is an effort repeated every spring for the last decade. I was proud to be a small part of it by hand delivering some of these fish that spring to various locations along the Talbot River on the north east shore of Lake Simcoe.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese photos show the fingerlings in the transport tanks used to get them to the waters edge. Stocking timing is critical because unlike other hatchery fish these little guys simply eat one another around this size. Placement of a few fingerlings in strategic locations in a river or along a shoreline keeps them from cannibalizing. Stocking Musky is very labour intensive and complex compared to most other commonly stock fish. Our success on Lake Simcoe is still not assured although incidental reports of fish that fit our program are starting to be made. Eventually the goal is to have a sustainable musky fishery once again in Lake Simcoe, all indicators suggest it’s working. Pay it forward.



Music and Guitars

IMGP0974 IMGP0756 IMGP0760 IMGP0762 IMGP0792 IMGP0795A few of my favourite noise makers. Blues gets my attention but all music matters and I can listen to almost anything that doesn’t promote negative stuff socially speaking. The electric that looks like a Fender Stratocaster is hand made, by me, with guidance from a guitar builder. I didn’t wire it, like my carpentry work I leave that stuff for the experts but all the shaping and polishing and cutting and assembly of this guitar was my doing. I’m very proud of this thing, it once briefly fooled a tech in a guitar shop. He asked what year it was, there are a few Strats from the seventies that look just like this that carry some real value. I was honest and told him he should look a little closer. He then asked who built it as it was very well done. I smiled.





On Those Days Off

These are just a few of the things I do to keep my feet on the ground and my head out of the clouds. Been a river rat since childhood and a fisherman as well. The environment matters to me, I spend a lot of time in it, well don’t we all? That’s a joke, weak I know!

Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing are among my favourite things to do in winter however as I get older traveling south looks better and better.


A full boat

Tripping the Magnetewan

Big blue water bay

Georgian Bay

The Guelph Kayak Club on one of their many river clean up days.......I'm hiding behind sunglasses and a helmet on the right

A bunch of River Rats

Gull River Minden

Some alternative winter activity

Lower Madawaska

View from the seat of my kayak on the Madawaska

I’ve been a paddler all my life, it became a lifestyle around 95 and continues to influence me daily even now. I’ve been away from the whitewater somewhat in recent years but it still nags at me and I’m optimistic I’ll spend more time again traveling downstream…fast.










Mexico, Cabo San Lucas


Just two shots from the most interesting vacation of my life. I could live in Cabo!



Diversion’s from the usual building of wood stuff.

IMGP1610This was the result of years of bike modifications as a kid, a grown up version and it rides like a champ. I’ve got plans to do some more of these. It’s actually 3 separate frames cut and re-assembled with some hot rod parts from a couple of California bicycle parts suppliers. Lots of improvs here, leather grips from craft store lace, stickers and labels copied from some online art sources and printed at the local sign shop and lots of little paint tricks to make old junk look custom and new. Forty or so hours of sanding and buffing to smooth out the welds and other modifications, wheels trued and chains extended and several coats of rust paint and it’s done. Been riding this thing for almost 2 summers with no failures and lots of compliments.

Who I Am (Or After Hours)

My woodworking experience started as a kid building the usual stuff but always in a different sort of way. Tree forts with multiple floors, bridges over creeks that included dams, go carts with offset seating allowing the front end to wheelie, never traditional always looking for that thing somebody else wouldn’t think of.  No photos of that stuff, sorry.

The cabinets making started in the 80’s when I worked for a  rustic furniture manufacturer, Great job to build these skills, simple stuff that still shows up in my work today, I’m proud to have solved a number of production glitches during my time at this wood shop. It was a very creative place nown as Country Classics.

I went on to Linwell Wood Products and learned institutional cabinet making. Schools, hospitals, Town Halls, Store fixtures and even a few church interiors. Really high end with a company that had inroads in every aspect of government institutional building.

From there I split the next few years between a Store Fixtures company and a General Contractor who specialized in renovation. Both built my skills in different ways, it was during this period that my Trim Carpentry skills came to the forefront. On site installation of store fixtures is the ultimate test of your ability to work with hand tools. Being away from a well provided wood shop forces you to develop the old skills that preceded our industrialization of woodworking. This is also true of on site trim carpentry, you just have to get it done with stuff you can carry in your hands.

Soon after this (late eighties) I struck out on my own. The up and down lay off cycle had me constantly selling myself for the next job. For whatever reason the wood working industry is unusually sensitive to variations in the economy. I don’t envy those trying to remain stable working in cabinet making today, it’s not easy. It was this constant insecurity that made me decide to create my own security by running my own operation. I’m proud to say it worked, this website shows just a glimpse of the many things my self employment has made possible.

The following stuff is less work related and more about what I do with my free time.


A nice 43 inch Kawartha Musky.My brother and I fished Musky for at least two years before we broke our jinx. We had both caught a number of Musky separately but whenever we got together it was skunk city.
After many fishless outings I finally managed this quality Pigeon Lake Musky. My brother and I had each caught Musky separately but seemed unable to come up with one together, three years and dozens of outings preceded this fish. The jinx finally broken we have gone on to catch many similar Musky in the last few years.