Music and Guitars

IMGP0974 IMGP0756 IMGP0760 IMGP0762 IMGP0792 IMGP0795A few of my favourite noise makers. Blues gets my attention but all music matters and I can listen to almost anything that doesn’t promote negative stuff socially speaking. The electric that looks like a Fender Stratocaster is hand made, by me, with guidance from a guitar builder. I didn’t wire it, like my carpentry work I leave that stuff for the experts but all the shaping and polishing and cutting and assembly of this guitar was my doing. I’m very proud of this thing, it once briefly fooled a tech in a guitar shop. He asked what year it was, there are a few Strats from the seventies that look just like this that carry some real value. I was honest and told him he should look a little closer. He then asked who built it as it was very well done. I smiled.