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Deck Replacement
Organic Times Details

Organic Times

Named Organic Times, as a nod to the past use of this building which housed the Minden Times newspaper, this independent health food store has been a great success story. Over the winter of 08 / 09 renovations of the interior and exterior were undertaken. No detail was left untouched, from the tin ceiling down […]


Pharmasave was the first storefront in Minden that we renovated in 2006. The demands of the client were to create a period specific design that didn’t prevent access to the modern curtain wall glass system that fronts the retail area of this store. The approach that followed was to create a segmented store front that […]

Organic Times Interior

The plan for the interior of Organic Times was to invoke that old “General Store” feel. Tin ceilings with huge cornice mouldings down to solid wood plank flooring that squeaks and creaks. The top of the walls are chalkboards where signage and info can be tailored to the products below. There are numerous examples of […]